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Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard


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  • Model: MBWGH01001
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Acer Gateway NV53 MS2285 AMD motherboard MBWGH01001 48.4FM01.001 55.4FM01.021 OK

Description of Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard

Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard is original. The motherboard is packed with antistatic bag solid box.We test all motherboard carefully before shipping.

How do we test Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard

1. Checking the general appearance of the Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard, to make sure no dust or any dirty on the Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard
2. Carefully checking the insulation gummed paper of the Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard
3. Carefully check the motherboards to ensure no lacking of fittings, rust, rot and elimination chassis.
4. Finally, we check the Acer motherboard memory sit, connection of DVD and LCD/LED screen , The performance of mouse,Keyboard,USB, We will take a long time to run full 3D testing.after that, we restart the computer twice.

Shipping info for Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard

We ship Acer notebook motherboard internationally, we will send you email once delivered.If you do not receive your tracking information please be sure to check your SPAM filters before calling us about the tracking information.

Warranty for Acer MBWGH01001 motherboard

Our Acer laptop motherboard is 100% tested and functional,we offer full refund within 60 days ,Please refer to our warranty policy for details.